Lavender, Goodwin Creek (Grey) USDA Certified Organic 2 ½ in. Pots

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Lavendula Heterophylla ‘Goodwin Creek’

A dense mound of finely toothed, silver-grey foliage and beautiful, long, slender, dark purple flower spikes. Very tolerant of heat, sun, and periodic drought. Ideal for sunny perennial borders or rock gardens, and raised beds or containers. In colder climates, overwinter potted plants indoors until spring, after danger of frost in an area that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. Keep soil on the sandy side and only fertilize during the growing season every other month. Remove spent flowers to encourage blooming. Hardy to Zone 7 and higher.

Grows to 24”

Full Sun

Needs dry, gritty soil near neutral PH

Space 20” apart

The scent of Lavender pairs very well with the scent of roses.   If you need a plant for that hot dry spot, lavender is the solution. Lavender is prone to wilt in high humidity and poor drainage or circulation so is best planted in light colored sandy or gravelly mulches in the south. Standing water or constantly wet soil will cause roots to suddenly rot and the plant will wilt and die.