Basil, African Blue Certified Organic 2 ½ in. Pot

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Basil, African Blue     USDA Certified Organic   2 ½ in. Pot

Beautiful addition to the herb or flower garden and does well potted.  African Blue has purplish-green leaves that retain a purple vein as they get bigger.  The purple to hot pink flower spikes do not produce seed so this basil is one of the few to be considered perennial.  Cut stems add beauty to cut flower arrangements, make interesting garnishes, and are great to flavor vinegar.   Because of its perennial nature, it does well to be over wintered indoors in pots.  Propagation is from cuttings only.

Needs full sun to part shade.  Shade will cause lower yield

Grows to 36”-48”

Space Plants 12” to 18” apart.  Basil needs good circulation around the plants to help minimize fungus